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For the past several years I have been writing Wordpress powered blogs on subjects of interest to me and others. I enjoy the tit for tat that comes with blogging and it keeps me close to my readers. Have a look at the below blogs and see if there are any that you might like to follow:

Aux Arcs Publications is all about the process of writing and getting your work out into the world. I talk about writer’s block, book promotion, editing, the publishing and the works. I also discuss interesting people I have met and interviewed. There can also be found an interview or two here and there.
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The Poli-Ticking Time Bomb is an extension of my decades’ long involvement with the Libertarian Party and libertarian issues. I discuss things that particularly bother me and things I would like to see changed in my home country – and in the world for that matter.
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Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness grew out of the investigations of my first book but it became probably my most popular blog. I discuss religion, cults, conspiracy theories and frauds that have been perpetrated on society. There are many good reads here.
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Welcome to Bawdville! comes from my life long love of humor, especially southern humor and bawdy humor. The raunchier the better! But really, not all of it is that naughty but it is all funny.

Nonetheless, if you can be easily offended, best to steer clear of this blog… ;-)
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