Gary Dale Cearley

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Filius Nullius

(No Chains on Me)

Writing & Literature

Here are writings and reviews on topics related to writing, literature and publishing. I hope these are as interesting to read as they have been interesting to write!


A Courtroom Massacre (Book Review)

Abramo's Gif (Book Review)

American Odysse (Book Review)

Amos Jakey (Book Review)

Bullets and Bandages (Book Review)

Burden of Faith (Book Review)

City within a City: A Gangster's Story (Book Review)

Heat (Book Review)

If I Could Write This in Fire
(Book Review)

Last Tango with Marlon: A Novella (Book Review)

September Dawn (Book Review)

Sinister Among Us (Book Review)

Snapping the String (Book Review)

The Deal (Book R


The Fine Print of Self Publishing: The Contracts & Services of 45 Self-Publishing Companies Analyzed Ranked & Exposed (Book Review)

The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 2: Platforms and Props: How to Make Pop-Ups Step-by-Step (Book Review)


The Year of the Monkey: A Novel (Book Review)


Who's Afraid of Red: A Story Cycle in Three Parts (Book Review)





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